Detroit’s Own Orthodox Radio (DOOR) is our radio show that broadcasts in Detroit, Michigan on station WNZK 690AM, Sundays from 4pm to 5pm. Through the radio show, we educate our listeners on the resources available to poverty stricken people by giving them information on where they can get assistance. The resources we discuss are other community outreach programs offered by the Outreach Detroit Foundation (i.e. Fresh Start Detroit). We also provide insights into topical issues that without our program may otherwise be ignored or reach the ears and hearts of the Detroit region and beyond. We broadcast regular public service announcements for each community outreach program on DOOR.

Archived versions of our radio show can be found on Our internet presence offers an expanded resource and listenership via archived programs, more detailed information as referenced on air, and a “24/7” outlet for the programs to be heard. The radio show is streamed live reaching five countries through the website. We are also expanding our website podcast capability of archiving past programs.